Cermet Tipped Saw Blades

Phantom Series—Precision Sawing

Tru-Cut cermet tipped saws are ideal for ferrous or non-ferrous cutting and are designed to cut low to medium carbon steels.

They have a thin kerf to reduce waste and provide a superior finish, longer life and faster cutting times. Our cermet saws cut steel bars three to five times faster than a bandsaw machine.

Tru-Cut cermet inserts have a high abrasive resistance compared to standard carbide tipped saws.

Stationary saws (single and multi-cut)

Ferrous: Bars, Billets, Tube, Pipe and Plate
Non-Ferrous: Bars, Billets, Tube, Pipe, Plate,
Extrusions and Shapes

Cutting speeds:
SFPM 300 – 1,500 (ferrous)
SFPM 6,000 – 10,000 (non ferrous)

PVD Coatings:
CrN, TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, AlTiN-XL, AlTiCN, AlTiCrN



Product Range
Blade Type Diameters Kerf Tooth Count Type of Material
To Cut
Throwaway 200mm – 850mm 1.5mm – 5.0mm 40T – 260T ferrous
Resharpenable 200mm – 1727mm 1.5mm – 12.0mm 40T – 260T non-ferrous only
Cermet Saw Blade Sizes
Blade Type Diameters Kerf Tooth Count
250mm 2.0 32/40mm 60,72,80,100T
285mm 2.0 32/40mm 60,72,80,100,110T
315mm 2.2 32/40mm 54,60,72,80,100,120T
350mm 2.2 32/40/50mm 60,80,100,120,140T
360mm 2.6 32/40/50mm 60,80,100,120,140T
370mm 2.6 40/50mm 60,80,100,120,140T
425mm 2.6 40/50mm 60,80,100,120,140T
460mm 2.7 40/50mm 60,80,100,120,140T
560mm 3.2 50mm 60,80,100,120,140T
580mm 3.2 80mm 60,80,100,120,140T
630mm 3.2 80mm 60,80,100,120,140T

Custom sizes and tooth counts also available upon request.
Please visit our build your saw blade page or contact our sales department with your requirements.



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